Children learn in a variety of ways and at their own pace. Our carefully planned, well-balanced curriculum encourages children to learn through active involvement across disciplines. A hallmark of our approach is the use of exploration and inquiry to promote critical thinking. We value play as this is the vehicle through which children consolidate their understanding of their world.

All areas of learning, including language arts, S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art and math), music, movement and art are integrated into the students’ daily experience. The environment is organized around interest areas that support the learning process, children work and play in a thoughtfully designed classroom full of rich and varied materials. Shared and cooperative learning are encouraged.

Our classroom activities are both child and adult-initiated. Teachers plan their activities based on the children’s developmental level, interest and needs. Students participate in hands-on, real life activities such as nature walks, constructing with blocks and other materials, cooking, creating stories, and experimenting with musical instruments. Our K1, K2 and kindergarten students enjoy Chinese and Spanish classes every week, and progress at a faster rate than their peers because of AIP’s focus on English language fundamentals.

Academicise International Preschool & Kindergarten (AIP) believes reading is the most important part of learning. AIP creates a “Bookworm” library that allows children to read during class time and their free time.